Category: Dollis Hill

Burnley Road, NW10

Burnley Road runs parallel with the tracks of the Metropolitan/Jubilee line, to the north of them.

Normanby Road, NW10

Normanby Road is a road within the Dudden Hill Estate.

Dollis Hill

On looking at the 1900 map of the area around Dollis Hill station, one might notice an immediate problem – Dollis Hill itself isn’t there at all. The nearby area, in those days, was called Dudden Hill. The Dollis Hill Estate was formed in the early 19th century, when the Finch family bought up a …

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Alan Coren Close, NW2

Alan Coren Close is named for an important contributor to Cricklewood culture.

Dollis Hill Lane, NW2

Dollis Hill Lane is an ancient throughway.

The Welsh Harp

The Brent Reservoir, or “Welsh Harp”, is not a reservoir for drinking water, but a relic of the Canal Age. Soon after the Paddington Branch of the Grand Junction Canal opened in 1801, the River Brent was identified as a source of extra water for it. In 1810/11, a narrow “Feeder” was built to channel water more than …

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