Category: E1

Hughes Mansions, E1

Hughes Mansions originally consisted of three roughly similar blocks containing 93 flats spread over the three buildings.

Osborn Street, E1

Osborn Street is a short road leading from Whitechapel Road to the crossroads with Brick Lane, Wentworth Street and Old Montague Street.

Old Montague Street, E1

Old Montague Street is a thoroughfare running east-west from Baker’s Row (now Vallance Road) to Brick Lane.

Prescot Street, E1

Prescot Street was named for Rebecca Prescott, wife of William Leman.

Sander Street, E1

Sander Street ran from Back Church Lane to Berner Street (Henriques Street).

Henriques Street, E1

Henriques Street was formerly called Berner Street.

Tower Bridge, SE1

Tower Bridge is a combined bascule and suspension bridge, built between 1886 and 1894.

Vine Tavern, E1

The Vine Tavern was situated on a site in the middle of Mile End Road, theoretically at number 31.

Fournier Street, E1

Fournier Street is a street running east-west from Brick Lane to Commercial Street alongside Christ Church.

Wentworth Street, E1

Wentworth Street runs east-west from the junction of Brick Lane, Osborn Street and Old Montague Street to Middlesex Street.