Category: E14

Cabot Square, E14

Cabot Square is one of the central squares of the Canary Wharf Development.

Salmon Lane, E14

Salmon Lane skirts the northern edge of Limehouse.

Athol Street, E14

A pun on Scottish-themed road names probably caused Athol Street to be named and positioned below Blair Street – causing Blair Athol to be spelt out.

Lochnagar Street, E14

Lochnagar Street runs east from the Blackwall Tunnel northern approach road.

Rook Street, E14

Rook Street – at first called Mary Street – ran between Poplar High Street and East India Road.

East India Dock Road, E14

East India Dock Road is an important artery connecting the City of London to Essex, and partly serves as the high street of Poplar

Chapel House Street, E14

Chapel House Street was named after a medieval chapel and later farm which was located approximately at the corner of the Whiteadder Way and Spindrift Avenue.

Thermopylae Gate, E14

Thermopylae Gate is part of the Chapel House Estate.

Emmett Street, E14

Emmett Street originated in the early 19th century.

Saunders Ness Road, E14

Saunders Ness Road was a new name for the eastern section of Wharf Road.