Category: E2

Bethnal Green Road, E2

Bethnal Green Road was a Victorian invention.

Angela Gardens, E2

Angela Gardens opened as part of Columbia Market in 1869

Weaver’s Fields

Weavers Fields is an open space in Bethnal Green.

Seabright Street, E2

Seabright Street is a shadow of its former self.

Palestine Place, E2

Palestine Place led east from Cambridge Heath Road.

Cheshire Street, E2

Cheshire Street is a street in the East End linking Brick Lane with Bethnal Green and Whitechapel.

Bonner Street, E2

Bonner Street was named for Edmund Bonner, Bishop of London from 1539–49 and again from 1553-59.

Gibraltar Walk, E2

Gibraltar Walk leads north from Bethnal Green Road.

Cambridge Heath Road, E2

The route of Cambridge Heath Road, passing through Bethnal Green as a broad stretch of waste, was mentioned in the 1580s as the highway from Mile End to Hackney.

Old Ford Road, E3

Old Ford Road stretches two and a quarter miles from Bethnal Green to Bow.