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Roomy villas : the story of Southfields Grid and its surroundings

Full text of “Roomy villas : the story of Southfields Grid and its surroundings” was produced as a free eBook by local historian Neil Robson during 2000 in partnership with Wandsworth Libraries and Museum. Acknowledgements So many people have contributed towards the success of this project, and it is fair to say that without their …

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London Street Names (1896)

LONDON STREET NAMES. THEIR ORIGIN, SIGNIFICATION, AND HISTORIC VALUE; WITH DIVERS NOTES AND OBSERVATIONS F. H. HABBEN, B.A. J. B. LIPPINCOTT COMPANY 1896 PRELIMINARY. ” The happiness of London,” said the oracular Dr Johnson, whom we still reverence as “the great lexicographer,” notwithstanding his inevitable supersession by the lapse of time — ” The happiness …

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Maxwell’s Hampstead

From “Hampstead, its historic houses, its literary and artistic associations”, Anna Maxwell (1912)  PRIORY LODGE. That ” small house ” has been enlarged, and become the present Priory Lodge, which, happily for the pilgrim’s purpose, remains untenanted and in the care of a person who can point out the original Johnson rooms, also facilitating a …

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Survey Of London

A guide to every available volume until 2014. Volume 1. Bromley-By-Bow Volume 2. Chelsea, Part I Volume 3. St Giles-in-The-Fields, Part I: Lincoln’s Inn Fields Volume 4. Chelsea, Part II Volume 5. St Giles-in-The-Fields, Part II Volume 6. Hammersmith Volume 7. Chelsea, Part III: the Old Church Volume 8. Shoreditch Volume 9. The Parish of St Helen, Bishopsgate, Part I Volume 10. St Margaret, Westminster, Part …

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The History of London: Walter Besant

1. THE FOUNDATION OF LONDON. PART I. ‘In the year 1108 B.C., Brutus, a descendant of Æneas, who was the son of Venus, came to England with his companions, after the taking of Troy, and founded the City of Troynovant, which is now called London. After a thousand years, during which the City grew and …

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A Dictionary of London (1918)