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Sans Walk, EC1R

Sans Walk was named after Edward Sans in 1893, who was then the oldest member of the local parish vestry.

St Martin’s Le Grand, EC1A

St Martin’s Le Grand is a street north of Newgate Street and a former liberty within the City of London

Cloth Fair, EC1A

Cloth Fair stands where the original Bartholomew Fair was held in medieval times.

Old Dick Whittington, EC1A

The Dick Whittington Inn at 24 Cloth Fair was a sixteenth century building and once part of a row of medieval buildings lining the street.

West Smithfield, EC1A

West Smithfield is the oldest street of the Smithfield area.

Bull and Mouth Street, EC1A

Bull and Mouth Street ran between King Edward Street and St Martin’s Le Grand.

Waterloo Street, EC1V

Waterloo Street once ran from Lever Street to Radnor Street.

Ely Place, EC1N

Ely Place is a gated road at the southern tip of the London Borough of Camden.

Kirby Street, EC1N

Kirby Street was named for Christopher Hatton’s Kirby House in Northamptonshire.


Streets with a story – The book of Islington by Eric A Willats FLA. The introduction can be found here First published 1986: Islington Local History Education Trust Digital edition (revised) 2017: Islington Heritage Service For ease of reading, we have distributed some of Eric Willats’ text throughout the street articles linked to from here …

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