Category: EC2

Capel Court, EC2R

On the east side of the Bank of England turn into Bartholomew Lane. Capel Court is off to the east.

Throgmorton Street, EC2N

The name of Throgmorton Street is a corruption of the name of Nicholas Throckmorton, Elizabeth I’s ambassador to France and Scotland.

Jewin Crescent, EC2Y

Jewin Crescent – as The Crescent – existed from the end of the eighteenth century.

Addle Street, EC2V

Addle Street, there from ancient times, was a victim of the bulldozer after the Second World War.

Curtain Road, EC2A

Curtain Road was the first location of a place called a ’theatre’ – in the sense of a location where acting is performed.

Alderman’s Walk, EC2M

Alderman’s Walk was formerly Dashwood’s Walk, for Francis Dashwood, who lived here in the 18th century.

Cheapside, EC2V

Cheapside is a street in the City of London, the historic and modern financial centre of London.

Tenter Ground

Tenter Ground harks back to the seventeenth century when this patch of land was surrounded by weavers’ houses and workshops and used to wash and stretch their fabrics on ’tenters’ to dry.