Category: EC4

Ludgate Circus, EC4M

Ludgate Circus is a junction in the City of London where Farringdon Street and New Bridge Street cross Fleet Street/Ludgate Hill.

Queen Street, EC4R

Queen Street is a street in the City of London which runs between Upper Thames Street and Cheapside.

Black Raven Alley, EC4R

Black Raven Alley ran south from 105 Upper Thames Street down to Swan Wharf, just to the west of London Bridge.

Friday Street, EC4V

Friday Street is a small street in the City of London.

Budge Row, EC4N

Budge Row lies off the north side of Cannon Street, about 80 yards west of the main line station.

Victoria Embankment, EC4Y

Victoria Embankment is part of the Thames Embankment scheme of 19th-century civil engineering that reclaimed land next to the River Thames.

Carmelite Street, EC4Y

Carmelite Street continues south from Whitefriars Street, which itself is just off Fleet Street.

Amen Court, EC4M

Many of the highways and byways around the precincts of St Paul’s Cathedral bear names which have ecclesiastical origins.

City Thameslink

City Thameslink is a central London railway station within the City of London, with entrances on Ludgate Hill and Holborn Viaduct.

Addle Hill, EC4V

Addle Hill, formerly Addle Street, originally ran from Upper Thames Street from Carter Lane.