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Drummond Street, NW1

Drummond Street is alternatively known as ’Banglatown’,

Mornington Crescent, NW1

Mornington Crescent was named after Garret Wesley, 1st Earl of Mornington.

Eversholt Street, NW1

Eversholt Street connects Euston with Camden Town.

Hampstead Road, NW1

Hampstead Road connects the Euston Road with Camden.

Rhodes Farm

Rhodes Farm was situated on Hampstead Road.

The building of Euston

Up to the eighteenth century the parish of St Pancras was mostly common land and pasture, with the only buildings being the old church and two manors. There was a manor house at Totenhale, to the north-east of what is now the Euston underpass, and there may have been a knot of buildings around the medieval manor of …

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The Adam and Eve Tearooms

[advanced_iframe securitykey=”73bfdf36bff161fdb6d48c80a87afbe943e66891″ src=”″ width=”400″ height=”400″] N.B. Clicking on map markers take you to articles on the main website On the west side of Hampstead Road, at its southern end where it now joins Euston Road, stood the Adam and Eve, a place of entertainment which was a popular resort when the surroundings of Tottenham Court …

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