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Nether Street, N3

Nether Street was recognised by the mid-14th century as an old street, sometimes called ’Lower Street’.

La Délivrance

La Délivrance is a five metre-high bronze statue of a naked woman holding a sword aloft.

High Road, N12

High Road, N12 is part of the ancient Great North Road – leading from London to Edinburgh.

Kingsway, N12

Kingsway forms the lower part of the North Finchley triangle.

Granville Road, N12

Granville Road connects the High Road with Ballards Lane.

Fortis Green, N2

Fortis Green (Road) is one of the ancient east-west routes of this area of Middlesex.

Green Lane, N2

Green Lane is a lost road of Finchley.

The Dollis Brook Viaduct

The Dollis Brook Viaduct carries the London Underground’s Northern line from Mill Hill East station to Finchley Central station. It is the highest point on the London Underground above ground level, reaching nearly 60 feet (18 metres). Each arch spans 32 feet at the springer level, and is based on tapered piers. In each pier …

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Middlesex: Finchley

Finchley, whose shape has been compared to a leg of mutton with its narrow end to the north at Whetstone, lay between Hertfordshire on the north and north-west, Hendon on the west, Hendon and Hampstead on the south, and Hornsey and Friern Barnet on the east. It contained 3,384 a. in 1871 and 3,475 a. …

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