Category: Isle of Dogs

Chapel House Street, E14

Chapel House Street was named after a medieval chapel and later farm which was located approximately at the corner of the Whiteadder Way and Spindrift Avenue.

Thermopylae Gate, E14

Thermopylae Gate is part of the Chapel House Estate.

Saunders Ness Road, E14

Saunders Ness Road was a new name for the eastern section of Wharf Road.

Jubilee Crescent, E14

Jubilee Crescent was built in 1935 by architect G R Unthank.


Crossharbour is a station on the Docklands Light Railway (DLR) Bank-Lewisham Line in Cubitt Town.

Aste Street, E14

Aste Street is a short street which once connected the western ends of Roffey Street and Judkin Street.

Alpha Grove, E14

Alpha Grove runs from Strafford Street to Tiller Road.

Deptford Ferry Road, E14

Deptford Ferry Road ran down to the Thames from West Ferry Road.

Wharf Road, E14

Wharf Road is now part of Ferry Road but had an independent history.


Millwall is the historic name for an area on the west of the Isle of Dogs.