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Brandon Estate, SE17

Brandon Estate is a social housing estate in London Borough of Southwark.

Kennington Tollgate

The Kennington toll gate stood at the intersection of Kennington Park and Camberwell New Road/Brixton Road.

Suffield Road, SE17

Suffield Road was laid out after the demise of the Royal Surrey Zoological Gardens.

Caldwell Street, SW9

Caldwell Street was originally called Holland Street.

Amelia Street, SE17

Amelia Street originally consisted of late 19th century tenement blocks built by James Pullen, a local builder, between 1886 and 1901.

London – South of the Thames: Chapter V

This is a digitised copy of the book “London – South of the Thames” by Sir Walter Besant Published in London by Adam & Charles Black (1912) This is in its raw form. Sections will be improved manually on this blog as time goes on. CHAPTER V KENNINGTON On the south-east of Lambeth Hes the town …

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London – South of the Thames: Chapter I

Preface London – South of the Thames by Sir Walter Besantt Chapter II CHAPTER I HISTORIC SOUTH LONDON The history of nearly all the districts in South London is the same. We may except Greenwich, Deptford, and Woolwich, which have been towns for many years. At the beginning of the nineteenth century such places as …

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The Kennington Chartists

The earliest known photo of a mass gathering of people – the Chartist meeting on Kennington Common 10 April 1848. The image is a daguerreotype, an early form of photograph. The Kennington Common meeting was the last time the Chartists attempted to present a petition to Parliament. Fearing an attempted revolution, the Government prepared immensely …

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