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St Mary Abbots Hospital

St Mary Abbot’s Hospital operated from 1871 to 1992. From 1846 to 1869 the site housed the Kensington Parish Workhouse.

High Street Kensington

High Street Kensington is a London Underground station on Kensington High Street.

Addison Place, W11

In the nineteenth century, Addison Place was known by two names – Phoenix Place and Crescent Mews East.

Allen Street, W8

Allen Street extends south from Kensington High Street.

Abingdon Road, W8

Abingdon Road stretches between Stratford Road and Kensington High Street.

The Gravel Pits

‘My lads, the rest of the galleons with the treasure from La Plata are to sail for Portevelo. They stay a few days only… Such a chance may never occur again. Captain Lord Cochrane (who was not drowned on the Arab as reported) commands her. The sooner you are on board the better.’ As Lord …

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The Folk Who Lived On The Hill

Foreward Getting it Straight in Notting Hill Gate Gravel Pits A pre-19th century chronology 200 000-10 000 BCE The archaeology of Kensington and Chelsea begins with Palaeolithic activity during the ice age at the edge of the glaciers. Flint axes from the period have been found in South Kensington and Chelsea, and there would also …

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Getting It Straight in Notting Hill Gate

Getting It Straight in Notting Hill Gate from Tom Vague is a 2020s sequel to Notting Hill in Bygone Days by Florence Gladstone (1924). An historical and psychogeographical report on Notting Hill considered in its economic, political, sexual and intellectual aspects and a modest proposal for its remedy. Foreword The Folk Who Lived on the …

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Kensington and Chelsea

This is a placeholder for the upcoming conservation guides to the LBKC. The sources may be found here:Kensington and Chelsea AVONDALE CONSERVATION AREA Avondale Conservation Area is an attractive residential area which was primarily developed from around 1860 to 1895. The cluster of buildings comprises modest Victorian terrace houses, a church and school which are …

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Aubrey Road, W8

Aubrey Road leads into Aubrey Walk, which runs west of Campden Hill Road at the top of Campden Hill. It was named in the 1840s.