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Lady Margaret Road, NW5

Lady Margaret Road runs north to Ospringe Road with Leverton Street and Montpelier Grove running parallel to the east and west respectively.

Little Green Street, NW5

Little Green Street was built in the 1780s and is one of the few intact Georgian streets in London.

Queen’s Crescent, NW5

Queen’s Crescent played a seminal role in the story of the Sainsbury’s supermarket chain.

Lismore Circus, NW5

Lismore Circus was a former Victorian circus with six streets radiating from it.

Allcroft Road, NW5

Allcroft Road was built between 1862 and 1870 to links Queen’s Crescent with roads to the south.


Featured streets are gleaned from the various Conservation Area guides issued by the London Borough of Camden. ABBEY ROAD (1824) Abbey Road at the northeast of the St John’s Wood West area was laid out in 1824 along an earlier medieval track. ABERDARE GARDENS (1893) The last road to be developed in the area was …

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Kentish Town

The origin of the name Kentish is from Ken-ditch, the bed of a waterway; Kentish Town lies in the valley of the Fleet River, now hidden in a culvert. The river flowed down from Hampstead to St Pancras and out to the Thames. The valley provided water and an ancient route from the city to …

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1810: Kentish Town

Plan of the hamlet of Kentish Town and its vicinity (1810). The development of Kentish Town as a predominantly middle-class residential suburb began in the 1840s and the area lost the rural charm that had, along with its inns and public houses, made it a popular destination for day trips from London. Copyright and credit: …

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