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Kilburn Vale, NW6

Kilburn Vale leads to the Kilburn Vale estate.

Kilburn Toll

The Kilburn Toll Gate dated from 1710.

Mortimer Place, NW6

Mortimer Place can be found in Kilburn, NW6.

Grangeway, NW6

Grangeway, NW6 lies off of Messina Avenue.


Brondesbury was originally “Brand’s manor” – a small hamlet in Middlesex.

Victoria Tavern, NW6

The Victoria Tavern was built on the corner of Kilburn High Road and Willesden Lane in the middle of the nineteenth century.

The Elms

The Elms – also known as Elm Lodge – stood at the junction of Kilburn High Road and Willesden Lane.

Abbey Road, NW6

A small section of the north of Abbey Road lies in NW6.

Kilburn Wells

The fashion for taking ‘medicinal waters’ in the 18th century came to Kilburn when a well of chalybeate waters (water impregnated with iron) was discovered near the Bell Inn in 1714. In an attempt to compete with the nearby Hampstead Well, gardens and a ‘great room’ were opened to promote the well, and its waters …

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1800: London W10

This map of the 1800 countryside in the area which covers today’s London W10 postcode has been compiled by The Underground Map from various sources. As its main source, the Milne map of London shows the landuse of fields and the routes of lanes. An 1834 map of Marylebone Parish provided field names up to …

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