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Worgan Street, SE11

Worgan Street is the new name for the former Catherine Street in the Vauxhall Gardens Estate area.

Hartington Road, SW8

The area where Hartington Road was eventually built was part of an area of Vauxhall called “The Nine Acres”.

Westminster Bridge, SE1

Westminster Bridge links Westminster on the west side with Lambeth on the east side.

Walnut Tree Place, SE11

Walnut Tree Place was a minor street replaced by the China Walk Estate.

Fitzalan Street, SE11

Fitzalan Street connects Lambeth Walk and Kennington Road.

Lambeth North

Lambeth North is the area surrounding the Imperial War Museum.

Westminster Bridge Road, SE1

Westminster Bridge Road runs on an east-west axis and passes through the boroughs of Lambeth and Southwark.

Hercules Road, SE1

Hercules Road runs north from Lambeth Road near Lambeth Palace, on the site of Penlington Place.

Walking the Thames: Westminster, the City of London and Wapping

We ticked off the entirety of the section from Vauxhall through to Wapping today.

London – South of the Thames: Chapter IV

This is a digitised copy of the book “London – South of the Thames”┬áby Sir Walter Besant Published in London by Adam & Charles Black (1912) This is in its raw form. Sections will be improved manually on this blog as time goes on. CHAPTER IV LAMBETH The parish of Lambeth is one of the …

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