Category: Limehouse

Salmon Lane, E14

Salmon Lane skirts the northern edge of Limehouse.

The Grapes, E14

The Grapes is a Grade II listed public house situated directly on the north bank of the Thames in Limehouse with a veranda overlooking the water.

East India Dock Road, E14

East India Dock Road is an important artery connecting the City of London to Essex, and partly serves as the high street of Poplar

Emmett Street, E14

Emmett Street originated in the early 19th century.

Cable Street, E1

Cable Street started as a straight path along which hemp ropes were twisted into ships’ cables.

Green Dragon Alley, E14

Green Dragon Alley is a long-gone alleyway off Narrow Street.


Ratcliff From “The Copartnership Herald“, Vol. V, no. 58 (December 1935) In the early days of England’s rise to maritime power, when the foundations of the British Commonwealth were being laid by adventurous men whose courage made their own endeavours seem to themselves nothing but casual events in the life they lived, it was often …

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Frank Whipple Place, E14

East End campaigner Frank Whipple died in 2011 at the age of 103.

Narrow Street, E14

Narrow Street is a road running parallel to the River Thames through the Limehouse area.

Dupont Street, E14

Dupont Street ran from Maroon Street to Burn Street.