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1619: Tottenham

In 1619, a survey was made by Thomas Clay on behalf of the Earl of Dorset, owner of Tottenham Manor, and produced this map of the Parish of Tottenham, Middlesex. Note that south is on the top of this map – so it is upside down compared with most other maps. Thomas Clay’s map depicts …

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1720: London

This map of the West End of London is part of Henry Overton’s complete map of London and its suburbs, published in 1720. The title and publisher’s imprint appear in cartouche in the centre, with fares of hackney coaches and an overall key at bottom left. The compass rose appears in the river, with parish …

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1724: Smith

Entitled “A New and Exact PLAN of the CITIES OF LONDON & WESTMINSTER and the Borough of SOUTHWARK. With all y.e Additional New Buildings to y.e Present Year 1724” A historical note appears at bottom centre along with a scale bar, the fares of hackney coaches and water ferries, and illustrations of oars and sculls. …

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1729: Upton Farm, Bayswater

[advanced_iframe securitykey=”73bfdf36bff161fdb6d48c80a87afbe943e66891″ src=”″ width=”400″ height=”400″] Click on the markers to access locations on the main website In 1710, Robert Pollard was the owner of the old buildings of Bayard’s Watering Place and 6 acres of land in what had once been common fields of Westbourne Green. He sold them to Thomas Upton and his wife …

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1731: Bethnal Green

Detail showing Bethnal Green from Bowles’ folding map of London of 1731. This is a later edition of the map first issued by Bowles in 1719 extended to include Stepney and the Isle of Dogs. Bowles based this part of the map on Gascoigne’s Survey of Stepney of 1703. Copyright: Crace Collection, British Library  

1742: Paddington

Surveyed by William Braniel, Land Surveyor to the Duke of Montague.

1756: The New Road

This small plan of a section of the New Road from Paddington to Islington details all the estates and landmarks along the way, and was issued with the ‘London Magazine’ in 1756. The title appears at top right, scale bar at bottom right, and compass rose at top left. To the bottom left is a …

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1762: Hampstead Town

This image illustrates Hampstead in the year 1762, showing notable buildings, inns and public houses. Source: T F T Baker, Diane K Bolton and Patricia E C Croot, ‘Hampstead: Hampstead Town’, in A History of the County of Middlesex: Volume 9, Hampstead, Paddington, ed. C R Elrington (London, 1989), pp. 15-33. British History Online

1766: Hyde Park

A PLAN of HYDE-PARK with the CITY and LIBERTIES of WESTMINSTER &c. Shewing the several IMPROVEMENTS propos’d by architect John Gwynn (1766). This plan shows renovations in Hyde Park and around Westminster. Two Royal palaces have been planned, in Hyde Park and Green Park. The red lines show an intention to regularise the street plan, replacing …

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1766: Jefferys map

Entitled “A New Plan of the City and Liberty of Westminster, Exhibiting all the New Streets & Roads, with the Residences of the Principal Nobility, Public Offices &c. not Extant in any other PlanA New Plan of the City of London and Borough of Southwark, Exhibiting all the New Streets & Roads &c. not Extant …

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