Category: N1

Keystone Crescent, N1

Keystone Crescent has the smallest radius of any crescent in Europe, and has a collection of old preserved houses.

Pentonville Road, N1

Pentonville Road connects Kings Cross and the Angel, Islington.

Rotherfield Street, N1

Rotherfield Street dates from 1826 and is named for Rotherfield in East Sussex.

Caledonian Road, N1

Caledonian Road runs north from King’s Cross.

Collins Yard, N1

Collins Yard is so-named as it ran alongside the Collins’ Music Hall giving access to the rear of the hall.

Chapel Market, N1

Chapel Market is a daily street market in Islington.

Collins’ Music Hall

Collins’ Music Hall was a notable Islington venue.

Islington Green, N1

Islington Green is both a small green and a series of roads which surround it.

Philharmonic Hall

The Philharmonic Hall was a major music hall throughout the 1860s and early 1870s.

Wollstonecraft Street, N1C

Wollstonecraft Street was the first name to be chosen from a naming competition by the developers of N1C.