Category: NW11

Meadway Gate, NW11

Meadway Gate marks the western end of Meadway as it joins Temple Fortune Lane.

Waterlow Court, NW11

Waterlow Court was designed for ’businesswomen’ by Baillie Scott.

Corringway, NW11

Corringway included a unique Hampstead Garden Suburb feature – a large block of garages (now demolished)

Willifield Way, NW11

Willifield Way runs south from ‘Crickmer Circus’ to meet Hampstead Way before the junction with Meadway.

South Square, NW11

South Square is the name of the southern part of Central Square, Hampstead Garden Suburb.

North End Road, NW11

North End Road ultimately links Hampstead with Hendon.

Central Square, NW11

Central Square was the original centre of Hampstead Garden Suburb due to the further development of the Suburb in the 1920s and 1930s, it is now located towards the west.

Golders Green crossroads

The Golders Green name derives from that of a local family – the Goodyers – and was first recorded in 1612.

Turners Wood, NW11

Turner’s Wood, built in 1916, was the final road of the original Hampstead Garden Suburb before the First World War brought work to an end.