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Cricklewood Broadway, NW2

Cricklewood Broadway is the name for the A5 Edgware Road is it passes through the area.

Golders Green Estate, NW2

The Golders Green Estate is a private housing development in the Cricklewood area.

Mapesbury Road, NW2

Mapesbury Road is named after Walter Map, prebendary from 1173–1192.

Dollis Hill

On looking at the 1900 map of the area around Dollis Hill station, one might notice an immediate problem – Dollis Hill itself isn’t there at all. The nearby area, in those days, was called Dudden Hill. The Dollis Hill Estate was formed in the early 19th century, when the Finch family bought up a …

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Alan Coren Close, NW2

Alan Coren Close is named for an important contributor to Cricklewood culture.


Neasden is situated in the middle of Brent. It borders on many other districts in the Borough, including Wembley, Kingsbury, Dollis Hill and Willesden. The name Neasden means ‘the nose-shaped hill’ in Anglo-Saxon. The original Anglo-Saxon settlement was on a well-drained and well-watered site on the western end of the Dollis Hill ridge. A charter …

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Child’s Hill

A district on both sides of the Hendon-Hampstead border, Childs Hill took its name from Richard le Child, who in 1312 had a house and 30 acres here. The settlement at Childs Hill is certainly medieval, possibly the 10th century settlement Codenhleawe (which has come down to us as ‘Cowhouse’), and was owned by Westminster …

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Middlesex – Kilburn and Cricklewood

Kilburn, Edgware Road, And Cricklewood The name Kilburn, used c. 1134 as Cuneburna, the royal or possibly cow’s stream, was applied to the priory built beside the stream and later to the whole neighbourhood on both sides of Edgware Road. The western portion, in Willesden parish, has been treated elsewhere. Before c. 1134 there was …

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