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Temeraire Street, SE16

Temeraire Street is named for Turner’s painting ’The Fighting Temeraire’

Ainsty Street, SE16

York Street until 1873, Ainsty Street was one of a group of Rotherhithe Streets commemorating royal names.

Slipper’s Place, SE16

Slipper’s Place was a Rotherhithe terrace built around 1850.

Old Kent Road, SE1

The Old Kent Road is famous as the cheapest property on the London Monopoly board.

London – South of the Thames : Chapter IX

Chapter VIII London – South of the Thames by Sir Walter Besantt Chapter X This is a digitised copy of the book London – South of the Thames by Sir Walter Besant Published in London by Adam & Charles Black (1912) This is in its raw form. Sections will be improved manually on this blog …

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