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Priors Farm

Priors Farm was marked as Pryor Farm on Greenwood’s map of 1819 and as Priors Field on Rocque’s map dating from the mid eighteenth century.


Ruislip was formerly a parish in the county of Middlesex covering the neighbouring areas of Eastcote, Northwood, Ruislip Manor and South Ruislip. This map shows the future site of Ruislip station – with the map dating from 1900 the station is not shown, being opened some years later. The parish appears in the Domesday Book, …

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Ruislip Manor

The construction of a halt on the Metropolitan Railway in the area in 1912 led to the development of Ruislip Manor on what was rural land.

Ruislip Gardens

Ruislip Gardens is on the Central Line, situated between West Ruislip and South Ruislip.

Ruislip Village

The name, Ruislip probably derives from the Old English words for “rush” and “leap”, meaning a place where the river Pinn was narrow enough to jump across. Stone hand axes, a Bronze Age spearhead and traces of Roman dwellings have all been found in Ruislip. The first written evidence of Ruislip’s existence is the Domesday …

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