Category: SE16

Temeraire Street, SE16

Temeraire Street is named for Turner’s painting ’The Fighting Temeraire’

Ainsty Street, SE16

York Street until 1873, Ainsty Street was one of a group of Rotherhithe Streets commemorating royal names.

Wilson Grove, SE16

Wilson Grove was a renaming of Salisbury Street.

East Lane, SE16

East Lane – formerly a single street – has been split postwar into two sections.

Slipper’s Place, SE16

Slipper’s Place was a Rotherhithe terrace built around 1850.

Jamaica Road, SE16

Jamaica Road was named after a house which sold limes, oranges and rum.

Bolina Road, SE16

Bolina Road was developed with workers’ terraced housing in the late 19th century.

Spa Road, SE16

A train left Deptford railway station for Spa Road station at 8am on 8 February 1836 – it was the first train in London.

Rouel Road, SE16

Rouel Road once stood next to one of London’s first railway stations: Spa Road station in Bermondsey.