Category: Shadwell

Commercial Road, E1

Commercial Road is a major thoroughfare (the A13) running east-west from the junction of Burdett Road and East India Dock Road to Braham Street.

Brook Street, E1W

Brook Street was an old name for this section of Cable Street.

Cable Street, E1

Cable Street started as a straight path along which hemp ropes were twisted into ships’ cables.

Juniper Street, E1

Juniper Street is now simply a cul-de-sac

Anthony Street, E1

Anthony Street previously ran from Commercial Road through to Cable Street. Just a few metres survive.

Monza Street, E1W

Monza Street lies south of the Shadwell Basin.

The Highway, E1W

The Highway was once the Ratcliffe Highway.

The streets of St Marks parish, E1

Much of the text has come from the excellent website¬†Source: The streets running south off Commercial Road, between Cannon Street Road and Watney Street, were (from west to east), Rampart Street [formerly Little Turner Street], Richard Street, Jane Street, Anthony Street, Fenton Street, Buross Street, Hungerford Street, Planet Street [for a time Star Street] …

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