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Greek Street, W1D

Greek Street leads south from Soho Square to Shaftesbury Avenue.

Wardour Street, W1D

The W1D part of Wardour Street south of Shaftesbury Avenue runs through London’s Chinatown.

Trident Studios

Trident Studios was located at 17 St Anne’s Court between 1968 and 1981.

St Anne’s Court, W1D

St Anne’s Court is an alleyway that connects Dean Street and Wardour Street.

Walker’s Court, W1D

Walker’s Court is one of the many passageways which in past years was known as ’Paved Alley’.

Queen’s Theatre

The Queen’s Theatre is located in Shaftesbury Avenue on the corner of Wardour Street.

Wardour Street, W1F

Wardour Street is a street that runs north from Leicester Square, through Chinatown, across Shaftesbury Avenue to Oxford Street.

Peter Berthoud’s “Every Street in Soho” tour

Peter Berthoud is an amazing tour guide. Not only did he cover the traditional sights of Soho, but some really unexpected ones. This is really a photo dump of that day. Should you wish to tour yourself, he’s at ABOVE: Before I even started the tour, I passed the recently-closed flagship HMV store in Oxford …

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