Category: Somers Town

Ampthill Square Estate, NW1

The Ampthill Square Estate (also known as the Ampthill Estate) is a housing estate built in the mid 1960s to replace Victorian housing in the area.

Lidlington Place, NW1

Lidlington Place, named after a village in Bedfordshire, connects Houghton Place and Eversholt Street.

The Polygon, NW1

The Polygon was an earky housing estate, a Georgian building with 15 sides and three storeys that contained 32 houses.

Eversholt Street, NW1

Eversholt Street connects Euston with Camden Town.

Brill Row, NW1

Brill Row was one of many small streets which became the basis for a Somers Town market.

Ampthill Square, NW1

Ampthill Square is a name which has existed in two different time periods.