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Rowena Crescent, SW11

Rowena Crescent was once called Zulu Crescent.

Badric Road, SW11

Badric Road was laid out in 1868 as Urswicke Road.

Coppock Close, SW11

Coppock Close is part of the Kambala Estate.

Petworth Street, SW11

Petworth Street was laid out in the late nineteenth century linking two bridge approaches – Albert Bridge Road and Battersea Bridge Road.

Battersea High Street, SW11

Battersea High Street is anything but the high street of Battersea.

Ethelburga Street, SW11

Ethelburga Street was named after Saint Æthelburh (Ethelburga), founder and first Abbess of Barking.

Severus Road, SW11

Severus Road is almost opposite the main entrance to Clapham Junction station and runs down to Eckstein Road.

Nine Elms

Nine Elms is an area within Battersea in the far north-eastern corner of the London Borough of Wandsworth.

Rosenau Road, SW11

Rosenau Road was named after Schloss Rosenau, the birthplace and boyhood home of Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, who became the consort of Queen Victoria.

Shaftesbury Park Estate

Shaftesbury Park was built between 1872 and 1877. It was the first major development of the Artizans’, Labourers’, & General Dwellings Company, founded by a band of working men in 1866–7. Through ‘industrial partnership’ and a unique financial model it could build better houses for less than the speculative builder, pay its workmen more than …

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