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Replingham Road, SW18

Replingham Road was built in the 1890s and 1900s as part of the ’Southfields Grid’.

Northfields, SW18

Northfields takes it name as being the North Field of the ancient manor of Dunsford.

Clonmore Street, SW18

The northern end of Clonmore Street is known for the Arts and Crafts flourishes on its housing.

Astonville Street, SW18

Astonville Street is the easternmost street of ’The Grid’.

Roomy villas : the story of Southfields Grid and its surroundings

Full text of “Roomy villas : the story of Southfields Grid and its surroundings” was produced as a free eBook by local historian Neil Robson during 2000 in partnership with Wandsworth Libraries and Museum. Acknowledgements So many people have contributed towards the success of this project, and it is fair to say that without their …

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