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Tradescant Road, SW8

John Tradescant’s botanical garden, which is now commemorated by Tradescant Road, was established in the 17th century.

Beaufoy Vinegar Works

The Beaufoy Vinegar Works stood at the top of Old South Lambeth Road.

Fentiman Road, SW8

Fentiman Road is named after local mid-19th century developer John Fentiman.

Hartington Road, SW8

The area where Hartington Road was eventually built was part of an area of Vauxhall called “The Nine Acres”.

South Lambeth Place, SW8

South Lambeth Place links South Lambeth Road to Bondway.

Nine Elms

Nine Elms is an area within Battersea in the far north-eastern corner of the London Borough of Wandsworth.

Vauxhall Cross, SW8

Vauxhall Cross is now known as the site of the MI5 headquarters.

Haines Street, SW8

Haines Street was named after the speculating solicitor, Frederick Haines, who built it in 1862.

Tweed Street, SW8

Tweed Street now lies under New Covent Garden Market.


The Vauxhall area is flat, part of the great low-lying plains of clay deposits formed by the River Thames in the London Basin. Historically the area was in two parts; to the north the Mawby Estate belonging to the Manor of Kennington and to the south the Caron House Estate belonging to Vauxhall Manor. Harleyford …

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