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Tottenham High Road, N17

The High Road is the successor to Ermine Street, the Roman road from London to Lincoln and York. A settlement is recorded at Tottenham in the Domesday Survey of 1086, and a manor house existed by 1254, on or near the site of Bruce Castle. Known historically as Tottenham Street, the High Road was an …

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Risley Avenue, N17

Risley Avenue is part of the Tower Gardens Estate.

1619: Tottenham

In 1619, a survey was made by Thomas Clay on behalf of the Earl of Dorset, owner of Tottenham Manor, and produced this map of the Parish of Tottenham, Middlesex. Note that south is on the top of this map – so it is upside down compared with most other maps. Thomas Clay’s map depicts …

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Middlesex: Tottenham – Growth

Growth Before 1850. An Anglo-Saxon settlement, otherwise unrecorded, is indicated by the reference to Tottenham, `Totta’s ham’, in Domesday Book. Presumably it bordered the Roman road, the medieval Tottenham street, along which most of the population was concentrated until the 19th century. Eastward lay rich pastures on the marshes by the river Lea, while to …

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