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Fentiman Road, SW8

Fentiman Road is named after local mid-19th century developer John Fentiman.

Hartington Road, SW8

The area where Hartington Road was eventually built was part of an area of Vauxhall called “The Nine Acres”.

South Lambeth Place, SW8

South Lambeth Place links South Lambeth Road to Bondway.

Vauxhall Cross, SW8

Vauxhall Cross is now known as the site of the MI5 headquarters.

The Elephant and Starbucks

Nine Elms and Vauxhall are becoming achingly trendy (after years being achingly run down). I wonder how many young things look up at the roof of their local Starbucks. Why are there elephants up there? Well, dear twentysomethings, there was a previous Vauxhall when the area had its own Elephant and Castle pub which put …

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The Vauxhall area is flat, part of the great low-lying plains of clay deposits formed by the River Thames in the London Basin. Historically the area was in two parts; to the north the Mawby Estate belonging to the Manor of Kennington and to the south the Caron House Estate belonging to Vauxhall Manor. Harleyford …

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Vauxhall Gardens

NOTE: This is a general introduction compiled from various sources. It is generally accepted that the etymology of Vauxhall is from the name of Falkes de Breauté, the head of King John’s mercenaries, who owned a large house in the area, which was referred to as Faulke’s Hall, later Foxhall, and eventually Vauxhall. The area …

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Nine Elms Lane, SW8

In 1838, at the time of construction of the London and Southampton Railway, the area was described as “a low swampy district occasionally overflowed by the Thames [whose] osier beds, pollards and windmille and the river give it a Dutch effect“. Nine Elms railway station opened on 21 May 1838 as the first London terminus …

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