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Adair Road, W10

Adair Road is a street on the Kensal Town/North Kensington borders.

Bramley Mews, W10

Bramley Mews become part of a redelevopment of the area north of Latimer Road station in the 1960s.

Farrant Street, W10

Farrant Street is the missing link in the alphabetti spaghetti of the streetnames of the Queen’s Park Estate

Western Dwellings, W10

Western Dwellings were a row of houses, opposite the Western Gas Works, housing some of the workers.

Wheatstone Road, W10

Wheatstone Road was the former name of the eastern section of Bonchurch Road.

Alperton Street, W10

Alperton Street is the first alphabetically of the named streets of the Queen’s Park Estate in W10.

Thorpe Close, W10

Thorpe Close is a redevelopment of the former Thorpe Mews, laid waste by the building of the Westway.

Acklam Road, W10

When the Portobello farmhouse featured in a watercolour in 1864, shortly before its demise, the only other building on the lane north of the newly opened Hammersmith and City railway line was the Notting Barn Lodge, situated on Portobello Lane at the future junction of Cambridge Gardens. This lodge¬†stood by the entrance to the lane …

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The Plough, W10

From the sixteenth century onwards, the Plough stood beside the Harrow Road.

Acklam Hall, W10

Post-Westway, Acklam Road has hosted free gigs by Hawkwind, Aswad, Messiah sound-system, Ebony steel band, Carnivals, riots, adventure playground and graffiti innovations, the Mutoid Waste Company, Portobello Film Festival at the Pop-Up Cinema, Acklam Village farmers market Bay 58 bar, Acklam Studios, the Acklam Hall (which became Bay 63, Subterania, Neighbourhood, Supperclub and Mode nightclub), …

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