Category: W10

Freston Road, W10

Freston Road is a street with quite a history.

Ilbert Street, W10

Ilbert Street is the ’I’ street on the Queen’s Park Estate, W10

Faraday Road, W10

Faraday Road is one of the ’scientist’ roadnames of North Kensington.

Droop Street, W10

Droop Street is one of the main east-west streets of the Queen’s Park Estate.

Caird Street, W10

Caird Street is the ’C’ street on the Queen’s Park Estate

Ladbroke Grove, W10

Ladbroke Grove runs from Notting Hill to Kensal Green, and straddles the W10 and W11 postal districts.

Wedlake Street, W10

Wedlake Street arrived as the second wave of building in Kensal Town was completed.

Lavie Mews, W10

Lavie Mews, W10 was a mews connecting Portobello Road and Murchison Road.

Bosworth Road, W10

Bosworth Road was the first street built as Kensal New Town started to expand to the east.

Branstone Street, W10

Branstone Street, originally Bramston Street, disappeared in 1960s developments.