Category: W11

Alba Place, W11

Alba Place is part of the Colville Conservation Area.

Bangor Street, W11

Bangor Street was situated on the site of the modern Henry Dickens Court.

St Mark’s Road, W11

St Mark’s Road is a street in the Ladbroke conservation area.

Kensington Park Mews, W11

Kensington Park Mews lies off of Kensington Park Road.

Stanley Gardens Mews, W11

Stanley Gardens Mews existed between 1861 and the mid 1970s.

Colville Terrace, W11

Colville Terrace, W11 has strong movie connnections.

Ladbroke Grove, W11

Ladbroke Grove is the main street in London W11.

Westbourne Grove, W11

Westbourne Grove is one of the main roads of Notting Hill.

Vernon Yard, W11

Vernon Yard is a mews off of Portobello Road.

Tavistock Road, W11

Tavistock Road was developed in the late 1860s alongside the Hammersmith and City railway line from Westbourne Park station.