Category: W11

Ladbroke Grove, W11

Ladbroke Grove is the main street in London W11.

Westbourne Grove, W11

Westbourne Grove is one of the main roads of Notting Hill.

Vernon Yard, W11

Vernon Yard is a mews off of Portobello Road.

Tavistock Road, W11

Tavistock Road was developed in the late 1860s alongside the Hammersmith and City railway line from Westbourne Park station.

Powis Square, W11

Powis Square is a square between Talbot Road and Colville Terrace.

Hippodrome Place, W11

Hippodrome Place was named after a lost racecourse of London.

Great Western Road, W11

The name of the Great Western Road dates from the 1850s.

Ladbroke Terrace, W11

Ladbroke Terrace was one of the first streets to be created on the Ladbroke estate.

Arundel Gardens, W11

Arundel Gardens was built towards the end of the development of the Ladbroke Estate, in the early 1860s.

Blechynden Mews, W11

Blechynden Mews is a former side street in London W11.