Category: W2

Pembridge Gardens, W2

Pembridge Gardens dates from the 1850s.

Westbourne Terrace Road, W2

Westbourne Terrace Road is a street located in Little Venice that connects Blomfield Road in the north and Westbourne Bridge in the south.

Chilworth Street, W2

Chilworth Street, originally called Charles Street, is an east-west street in W2.

Bourne Terrace, W2

Bourne Terrace is part of the Warwick Estate in Paddington and has 38 properties.

Westway, W2

At its opening, Westway was the largest continuous concrete structure in Britain.

Lord Hills Road, W2

Lord Hill’s Road was at first called Ranelagh Road.

Connaught Square, W2

Connaught Square was the first square of city houses to be built in the Bayswater area.

Bayswater Road, W2

Bayswater Road is the main road running along the northern edge of Hyde Park.

Clarendon Crescent, W2

Clarendon Crescent was said to be the longest road in London without a turning.

Bishop’s Bridge

Bishop’s Bridge, sometimes known as Paddington Bridge, is a road bridge which carries Bishop’s Bridge Road across the rail approaches to Paddington station