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Chippenham Mews, W9

Chippenham Mews lies behind Harrow Road running from Chippenham Road to Marylands Road.

Shirland Road, W9

Shirland Road is one of the main thorughfares of Maida Vale.

Maida Vale, W9

Maida Vale is the name of part of the A5 road running through northwest London and ultimately takes its name from a pub.

Amberley Mews, W9

Amberley Mews starred as Tom Riley’s home in the 1950 movie “The Blue Lamp”.

Maida Vale

The Maida Vale area was developed by the Ecclesiastical Commissioners in the early 19th century as middle class housing. The earliest layouts followed on from the building of the Regent’s Canal (1812-20) although building only started significantly in the 1830s, the southern area being virtually complete by mid 1860s up to Sutherland Avenue. The remaining …

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St Peter’s Park – a lost suburb

St Peter’s Park was formerly the name of a characterless suburb around Walterton Road. Until the spread of building in the mid 19th century, the area consisted of fields stretching westward from the Bayswater rivulet, bounded by Harrow Road to the south and by Kilburn Lane to the west and north-west. Westbourne Green lay along …

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Orme’s Green

Westbourne Green had a very refined air in 1795 and was still considered a beautiful rural place in 1820. The Grand Junction canal, passing north of the village between the grounds of Westbourne Farm and Bridge House, was a scenic enhancement, later used to attract expensive building to the area. Although housing was spreading along …

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Westbourne Green

Westbourne Green had only a few houses by 1745, mostly south of the point where Harrow Road had a junction with Westbourne Green Lane (also known as Black Lion Lane) running northward from the Uxbridge Road. A footpath later called Bishop’s Walk (eventually Bishop’s Bridge Road) provided a short cut to Paddington Green. The Red …

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The River Westbourne

The hills of Hampstead Heath provide the source of three lost rivers of London – the Westbourne, Tyburn and Fleet. These rivers were long buried underground and the modern streetscape contains few hints at these former watercourses. Old maps show the routes that these rivers took. The Westbourne rises in two main places in Hampstead …

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