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Pennington Street, E1W

Pennington Street is an east-west road in St George in the East, north of London Dock.

Turk’s Head, E1W

The Turk’s Head was one of two Wapping pubs of the same name.

Prince’s Square, E1W

Prince’s Square was part of an eighteenth century Swedish community.

Wapping Housing Estate (1926)

A list of the houses comprising the Wapping Housing Estate: Willoughby House. Sir Hugh Willoughby was appointed captain of a fleet of three ships, which set out in 1553, with the object of discovering a north-eastern passage to Cathay and India. Two of the three ships reached the coast of Lapland, where it was proposed …

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Walking the Thames: Westminster, the City of London and Wapping

We ticked off the entirety of the section from Vauxhall through to Wapping today.