Category: Whitechapel

Dunk Street, E1

Dunk Street ran parallel to Great Garden Street (now Greatorex Street) to the west, and King Edward Street, which has also ceased to exist, to the east.

Brady Street, E1

Brady Street is a road running north-south from Three Colts Lane to Whitechapel Road.

Fieldgate Mansions, E1

Fieldgate Mansions is a significant complex of tenement dwellings that was constructed between 1903 and 1907.

Hughes Mansions, E1

Hughes Mansions originally consisted of three roughly similar blocks containing 93 flats spread over the three buildings.

Old Montague Street, E1

Old Montague Street is a thoroughfare running east-west from Baker’s Row (now Vallance Road) to Brick Lane.

St Mary’s (Whitechapel Road)

St Mary’s was a station on the Metropolitan Railway and the District Railway lines, located between Whitechapel and Aldgate East stations.

Sander Street, E1

Sander Street ran from Back Church Lane to Berner Street (Henriques Street).

Henriques Street, E1

Henriques Street was formerly called Berner Street.

Hanbury Street, E1

Hanbury Street is a long road running west-east from Commercial Street to Vallance Road.

Whitechapel Road, E1

Whitechapel Road is a major arterial road in East London.