Kenway Road, SW5

Kenway Road was originally part of a country track linking the Manor House at Earl’s Court with Kensington village, via what are now Wright’s Lane and Marloes Road. It may be an  abbreviation of ’the Way to Kensington’.

In 1797, one Thomas Smith bought a local piece of land called ’Pound Field. At Earl’s Court Smith began building in 1803 along established thoroughfares – today’s Kenway Road and Hogarth Place.

In 1856, Charles  William  Wallgrave (of King’s Road, Chelsea) invested in a plot of land at Earl’s Court. Four years later he decided to build Wallgrave Road but wrote to the local Parish Vestry to say that the drains at Earl’s Court appeared to be blocked, since all the sewage from the cottages in Kenway Road was overflowing onto his ground. The vestry replied that this was not surprising, since there were no sewers at Earl’s  Court. Nor did they intend to do anything about it – clearly a class of people so depraved as to live in houses without sanitation must be left to suffer from the folly of their ways.

Kenway Road is now much better thought of well-placed and close to many of the local amenities on Earls Court Road. Earls Court Station is a short walk away.

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