Northfields, SW18

North Field lay between West Hill and the River Thames and was much larger than the current road of this name which runs to the east of Wandsworth Park.

It road began in the 1860s a path running parallel to Point Pleasant backing onto the ’British School’. To the west of the road were allotments.

Before the turn of the twentieth century, Wandsworth was a heavily industrial suburb centred around the River Wandle with an iron mill, brass industry and a brewery. The Northfield Nursery was a final bulwark of green stopping the westward march of industry.

The London County Council had seen the creation of public parks as one of its primary concern. In 1897, Wandsworth District Board were given the opportunity to buy eight hectares of land between the south bank of the River Thames and Putney Bridge Road, consisting of allotment gardens interspersed with public footpaths. Northfield became its eastern edge.

Wandsworth Park was formally opened on 28 February 1903. The junction of Putney Bridge Road and Northfields became one of the entrances to the park.

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