Old Park Lane, W1

Old Park Lane was formerly the southern extention of Park Lane when the latter was a simple country lane on the boundary of Hyde Park, separated from it by a brick wall.

Once known as Tyburn Lane, the whole of Park Lane led from Piccadilly to Tyburn (Marble Arch). Before even that it was known as Westminster Lane.

In 1741 Tyburn Lane was one of a number of roads taken over by the Kensington Turnpike Trust because they had, ‘by reason of many heavy Carriages, frequently passing through the same, become very ruinous, and many Parts thereof are, in the Winter and wet Seasons, so bad, that the same are dangerous to Passengers’. The Trust paved the southern end of the road but the northern part, skirting the Grosvenor estate, was merely repaired with ballast obtained from the nearby building operations.

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