Rossington Avenue, WD6

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Rossington Avenue, built in the 1950s, is situated in the north part of Borehamwood.

Like other roads on the original Borehamwood estate, it was named for a settlement near to the A1 road – Rossington, a village in South Yorkshire, later became the site for Robin Hood Airport.

Borehamwood was planned with small shopping centres in between the larger ones. Rossington Avenue was one of those roads planned to have one. It was also blessed with a pub – the Shooting Star. Being the northernmost shopping area in the new development, it was planned with a terminus turning point for buses so that they could arrive there having served much of the town.

Bus route 52 began in the 1930s, running from Victoria to Mill Hill, and on to Borehamwood on Monday to Saturday peak journeys. The Borehamwood terminus changed several times: in 1951, it was withdrawn from Warwick Road and Drayton Road to Elstree Way Hotel, but extended back on 3 February 1953, and further extended to Brook Road on 3 February 1954.

Another extension took the route to Rossington Avenue on Sundays from 1956. Seven years later this was extended to include Monday to Friday peak workings. The route was then withdrawn beyond Mill Hill Broadway in 1969, the Borehamwood – Mill Hill section being replaced by route 292.


The 292A bus turns out of Rossington Avenue en route to Edgware.

Rossington Avenue, Boreham Wood.

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