Rotherfield Street, N1

By 1829, the Regent’s Canal as well as the New North Road had been completed through this part of Islington.

Rotherfield Street formed an ornate stuccoed terrace. The Corinthian pilasters were distinct. A builder called Thomas Scott built terraces between Rotherfield Street and King Street. Islington cattle market was built between 1833 and 1836. By 1841 Northchurch Road was laid along its south side, with a row – Prospect Place – at the south-east corner.

Rotherfield Street was further built up between 1841 and 1848, and the streets up to the southwest side of Halliford Street and south side of Downham Road had also been finished by 1848, along with the land along Essex Road as far as the market. The remaining land on either side of the market became building ground and brickfields. By the mid 1850s the market had closed.

From 1847 to 1862 nos. 12-68 were called Sussex Place.

The ’Duke of Clarence’ public house was built around 1861 and Rotherfield Street Board School (Rotherfield Primary School ater 1947) in 1898.

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